"The revolution of Minecraft Multiplayer"

Team-Craft Server Rules.

(Enforced by all the staff)

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not disrespect staff members.
  1. Do not swear. 
  2. Do not ask for extra permissions or op. (Wanna be staff? Then apply by clicking HERE.)
  3. Do not grief. (Unclaimed factions are excluded).
  4. Don't use hacks, or clients like "Nodus" because your hacks will fail and you will get kicked/banned. 
  5. No racism.
  6. No obscene vocabulary.
  7. Do not ask for items, or other in-game benefits! 
  8. In games such: Survival Games and SkyWars, teaming is not recommended (Staff is allowed to kick you if your party is too big).
  9. Exploiting glitches will result in a kick/ban.
  10. Do not report user unless they are really breaking the rules. (We will check the logs to prove your reports).