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[+ Help

[ Join Games ]

Lets suppose you are in the hub. You have items in your inventory and see giant signs showing what game is that portal taking you to! If you see the Factions giant sign, then you may use that portal to join factions, otherwise, you may use the Chain Chestplate that is located in your inventory (Only in hub or game lobbies)

[ Play Factions ]

Playing factions is really fun! Specially when you join a powerful faction or have your own! But all this must have some knowledge behind. So to play Factions you will first have to join the game, then type "/f" to see all of the Help content available for factions!

[+] Basics.

  • Type "/f create <name>" (Substitute "<name> with your faction name! Like "/f create test". By running that command, you will attempt to create a Faction called "Test".
  • When you find a nice spot to build, type "/f claim" to own that piece of land (1 chunk = 16x16). When you successfully claimed your land, you may start building on it! Notice: Check in the chat if you see ~ Wilderness which means you are outside your claimed terrain, and people will be able to break in there! You will also be notified if you entered to the SafeZone, the WarZone, another faction's land or your own faction land!

[ Survival Games ]

To play survival games, join the lobby (using the portal or the Golden Apple in your inventory in the HUB or in other games lobby). You will then join [SurvivalGames] lobby. To start playing, click on a join sign placed in the Maps wall or type "/sg join <mapid>" (replacing <mapid> with the map's number identification! Like to join the Universal Studios Florida map, type "/sg join 1"  To spectate you must type "/sg spectate <mapid>.

[ Donate to the server ] 

Best way to keep us online, providing you the best performance and support possible, is by donating to us and receive a "Premium" boost! To visit our catalog, please click here and you will be able to see the list of games that offers "V.I.P." items, ranks, boosts, and more.

[ Purchased items ]

When you buy an item from the the store, you need to wait 5 minutes (online) so the server takes you to a "Claim Zone" where you can type "/claim" (Command which will unlock all of the available packages in your account) and receive the your purchase items.

* If you need custom help, don't doubt of contacting online staff member using /helpop or using the form to your right.